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The Suffering Church in Vietnam
+Bishop Paul Nguyễn Thái Hợp7/13/2012

Bishop Paul Nguyen Thai Hop of Vinh on an Attack Against Catholics at Mass

ROME, JULY 12, 2012 ( After the incidents in the Catholic community of Con Cuong, Bishop Paul Nguyen Thai Hop of the diocese of Vinh and president of the Justice and Peace Commission of the Episcopal Conference of Vietnam, gave an interview in Paris to the Eglises d’Asie agency to comment on the incidents and other subjects...

Posted on 14 Jul 2012
Press Release: On the abuse of social media system, police and gangs by the communist government of Vietnam against Thai Ha Parish
(For immediate release)

Contact: Rev. Paul Van- Chi Chu
Tel: (02) 9773 0933
Mobile: 0410 552 650

Sydney -November 10, 2011 - The Federation of Vietnamese Catholic Mass Media protests before the international community and sternly condemns the ongoing abuse of social media system, police and gangs by the communist government of Vietnam to repress and sully the will for justice, peace, and truth of our brother and sister parishioners of Thai Ha, Hanoi.

Posted on 16 Nov 2011
Letter of Protest - Rev. Pham Trung Thanh

38 Ky Dong St- Third District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

July 15, 2011


Re: Protesting violations of the law by Ho Chi Minh City police in the suspension of citizen's rights to leave the country.

To: State officials at all levels of The Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Posted on 20 Jul 2011
Hanoi archbishop protests convent demolition
Hanoi Archbishop Peter Nguyen Van Nhon has sent a letter to the authorities protesting over the decision of the city government to demolish the convent of the Congregation of Saint Paul.

Catholic Church News Image of Hanoi archbishop protests convent demolition

Posted on 26 May 2011
Rare rally tests Vietnam’s religious tolerance
Vietnam has deployed troops to contain a rare mass protest by ethnic Hmong people that is testing the government’s tolerance of minority Christians, just weeks after human rights activists accused leaders of persecuting another hill tribe.

Posted on 07 May 2011
Viet pastor arrested, bible school destroyed

Police in Saigon City arrested Mennonite Pastor Nguyen Hong Quang Monday minutes before his home and bible school were demolished by authorities.

Pastor Quang is a human rights lawyer and chairman of the Legal Committee of the Vietnam Evangelical Fellowship, CBN reports...

Posted on 29 Dec 2010
Vietnamese Catholics bury aborted fetuses
By reporter, Hue City (December 29, 2010)
Vietnamese Catholics bury aborted fetuses thumbnail

Catholics from Vietnam's central provinces have been burying thousands of aborted fetuses for nearly two decades out of respect for life.

"We want to raise awareness of respect for life that God makes among local people, especially mothers," said John Baptist Truong Van Nang.

Posted on 29 Dec 2010
More trouble for Vietnam's Redemptorists: monastery turned into state office
There are signs of serious troubles aiming directly at Redemptorists in Vietnam. Having their church in Saigon been raided, their provincial superior been investigated and threaten, now they have to face another outrageous harassment: one of their monasteries has just been decided unilaterally by the government to be converted into a state office.

In an urgent protest letter published on Dec. 20, Father Joseph Dinh Huu Thoai, chief of the secretariat of the local Redemptorist province, cried out that the Redemptorist monastery in Dalat city had just been ruled by the local government of Lam Dong to be converted into a regional biological research institute.
Posted on 26 Dec 2010
New wave of harassment against Redemptorists in Vietnam
Local authorities in Saigon have summoned a Redemptorist provincial superior after repeated raids on a monastery church.

Posted on 17 Dec 2010
Vietnam: Chilly Church-State relationship
Six months after the shocking removal of Hanoi archbishop, not a tiny bit of progress has been made in Vatican-Vietnam diplomatic ties. On the contrary, after the tragic situation at Con Dau, the persecution has escalated to the extent that local authorities forbade an ordinary bishop to say Mass in his own diocese; and the lawyer who defended Con Dau Catholics were arrested and persecuted. In that context, Patriotic Catholics have just been mobilised to coerce Catholics to be "good citizens".

Posted on 29 Nov 2010

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