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By Matt Steinglass
11 May 2007
Voice of America

Two lawyers who ran a center for human rights law and supported alternative political parties in Vietnam were sentenced to prison Friday in Hanoi. Their trial came a day after three other democracy activists were convicted of similar charges in Ho Chi Minh City. Matt Steinglass reports from Hanoi that the convictions are the latest in a crackdown on democracy activists.Lawyers Nguyen Van Dai and Le Thi Cong Nhan are members of the Vietnamese democracy and human rights group “Bloc 8406,” and had organized seminars for students on international human rights law.

Posted on 13 May 2008
How is it possible to write a book about the '60s without an in-depth discussion of the Vietnam War?

"I committed the same kinds of atrocities as thousands of others in that I shot in free-fire zones, fired .50-caliber machine bullets, used harass-and-interdiction fire, joined in search-and-destroy missions, and burned villages. All of these acts are contrary to the laws of the Geneva Convention, and all were ordered as written, established policies from the top down, and the men who ordered this are war criminals." -- John Kerry, on "Meet the Press," April 1971.

Tom Brokaw's best-selling book, Boom! Voices of the Sixties -- Personal Reflections on the '60s and Today, bills itself as "a virtual reunion of a cross section of the Sixties crowd, in an effort to discover what we might learn from each other, forty years later." Its 688 pages consist mainly of interviews with more than 80, mostly successful, veterans of the '60s, dealing with Vietnam, the civil rights and women's movements, and electoral politics. Other than Vietnam, his material is relatively unobjectionable, since America has made some progress -- though not as much as he suggests -- in the domestic arena. The personal stories of women leaders and courageous African-Americans, who rose to prominence from the trenches of the burgeoning women's movement and from the barricades of the civil rights movement, are inspiring.

Posted on 16 Apr 2008
By Richard Ehrlich

BANGKOK - The US Air Force wanted to use nuclear weapons against Vietnam in 1959 and 1968, and Laos in 1961, to obliterate communist guerrillas, according to newly declassified secret US Air Force documents.

In 1959, US Air Force chief of staff General Thomas D White chose several targets in northern Vietnam, but other military officials blocked his demand to nuke the Southeast Asian nation.
Posted on 16 Apr 2008
Published: July 11, 2005

PARIS, July 9 - Wearing an elegant tweed jacket and sipping fruit juice in a Left Bank cafe here, the writer Duong Thu Huong hardly cuts a threatening figure. But Ms. Huong, 58, evidently does in her native Vietnam, where she has spent time in jail, has seen her books banned and for 11 years was denied a passport to travel abroad.

Posted on 30 Jan 2008

by Dr. Fred Schwarz

In 1917, in a café in Geneva, Switzerland, an intensely ambitious and fanatical man sat writing furiously. He had written there for many years, in exile from his native land of Russia, living in the expectation of the great day of revolution when he would be called to the center of the world's stage. He was the acknowledged leader of a small Marxist sect, the Bolshevik section of the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party. To the majority of Marxists he was an extremist, unduly schismatic, tinged with anarchistic ideas, sincere but dangerous. He had, scattered throughout Russia and the prisons of the world, 40,000 followers, devoted to their leader, equally fanatical, and unreservedly dedicated to the ideas of revolution and world conquest. His name was Vladimir Ilich Lenin.

Posted on 21 Jan 2008
(New York, November 28, 2007) ''The Vietnamese government should immediately and unconditionally release two human rights lawyers, Nguyen Van Dai and Le Thi Cong Nhan, whose prison sentences were reduced after an appeals court hearing in Hanoi today, Human Rights Watch said.
 No one should be imprisoned for peaceful political expression of their views. Vietnam's crackdown on dissent shows no sign of letting up. Instead, the authorities continue to arrest and imprison people for simply exercising their freedom of speech and advocating for democratic reforms.  
Sophie Richardson, Asia advocacy director at Human Rights Watch.
Posted on 05 Jan 2008
by Richard Lloyd Parry (

The Vietnamese government is one of those regimes whose repression is so narrowly concentrated that casual visitors - and even its own citizens, for some of the time at least - are quite unaware of it. Singapore, a very different country in most ways, has a broadly similar approach. Leave people alone as long as they are making money, creating silk paintings, winning Olympic medals and the like. But as soon as they assert themselves politically, as soon as they question the authority of the Party - then crush them.

Posted on 31 Dec 2007
(speech of Tran Van Ba's older brother)

NOVEMBER 15, 2007

Thank you very much. It is a great honor for me to be here to receive this award for Tran Van Ba.

Mr. Chairman;
Mr. Ambassador;
Distinguished members of Congress;
Ladies and Gentlemen;

In honoring the memory of Tran Van Ba, the Foundation has returned Vietnam to the battleground and revitalized the values that you defend, together with our duty to history....
Posted on 27 Nov 2007
Rohrabacher, Horvath, Ba Will Receive 2007 Truman-Reagan Medal Of Freedom
Presentations To Be Made at the Embassy of Hungary Nov. 15
(Embedded image moved to file: pic32701.gif) directions to the memorial
Posted on 27 Nov 2007
by Lam Quang Thi
National Catholic Reporter,  March 11, 2005 

Vietnamese communities in the United States, Europe and Australia are protesting the Jan. 8 killing of Vietnamese fishermen by the Chinese navy. On that day, navy ships from the People's Republic of China shot and killed nine Vietnamese fishermen and injured seven others in the Vinh Bac Bo (Gulf of Tonkin). Eight fishermen were kidnapped...
Posted on 14 Nov 2007

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