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 By Wilhelm G. Solheim Ii, Ph.D.
Professor Of Anthropology, University Of Hawaii

The world has turned its attention to Southeast Asia during the past decade, but the cause of the interest has been war. The overwhelming nature of military events has obscured some astonishing discoveries about the ancient history and prehistory of the people who live there. Yet in the long run these discoveries, primarily archeological, will affect--perhaps more than the war or its outcome--the way we think about the area and its people, and the way they think about themselves....

Posted on 25 Oct 2007
Vu Huu San

Chinese are Purely Land Men

Ricci and his fellow priest, Michele Ruggieri, stayed for seven years in Chao-ch'ing, a town west of Canton. They built a mission house, and despite popular suspicion and occasional hails of rocks from the hostile populace, they were accepted as men of learning....

Posted on 25 Oct 2007

Short Arcicles by Vu Huu San

Did you ever watch a Chinese Movie?

Surely, you heard the expressions: "The Need for Revenge"

There are "something" every Chinese knows and believes that the non-Chinese, like Vietnamese, cannot possibly understand.

Posted on 25 Oct 2007


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